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Here I sit, yet again reading trashy fanfiction. I'm not trolling, I'm re-reading stuff I've already read to death. LAME. I don't even want to post now. Ulk.

just a lil' pervy..


was going to post...was going to create a profile for Darcy...eh...going to sleep instead.



I have decided to lose at least 30lbs. Starting...now. I want to be healthy and it's scary that I could die if i don't. Diabetes and heart disease run rampant in my family. I could get either very early on if I don't start fixing the problem. *sigh* No more junky foods and more exercise. I did run on the treadmill today! Go me.

still idaho

still cold. more family drama. *rolls eyes*



cold. tired. getting ready for a funeral. cold. and have a cold.


car trouble

My car was broken. Not anymore but it has taken some weird and unnecessary steps to be fixed. The power steering belt broke. okay. My father was going to fix it. Also okay. Until he came in and said,
"Your car needs to go to the mechanic."
Me: "err...okay. Why?"
My father: "I tried to get the belt on and broke a piece of the engine off."
Me:" Okay...Wait, what?"
Me: "What...erm...happend?"
My Special father: " I was useing the pry bar to wedge it in and a piece broke off. Stuff like this happens, okay?."
Me...still confused and really needing find out how this shit happens "Pry bar...the six foot pry bar?!"
My sweet and special father: "Uh, yeah. What other pry bar would I use?"

FYI: my car is a little Ford Escort, zippy thing.


Epic FAIL.
A couple of weeks ago, I heard a sound that resembled a plane crashing into my house. It shook the whole thing. My dad came running from from bed and my mom from the bathroom. We all exchanged "What the hell was that?!" My father grabbed the big-ass flashlight and my mom went in search of a phone. I followed my father outside. No damage to the house or the yard. We heard voice from the canal that's about 40 yds away. I could see a young guy running and could hear cussing. We ran up the little hill and could see lights in the canal by the bridge that crosses it. I ran to the other side and saw A CAR, ON IT"S ROOF WITH LEGS STICKING OUT OF THE DRIVER'S SIDE WINDOW. A PAIR OF FREAKING LEGS. My dad jumped down into the empty canal (except for the car and legs) to look and see if the car was leaking gas or anything that could 'spload. I jumped down to the legs... It went something like this..

"Hey! Can you hear me?" while thinking ' please don't be dead, I hate dead.'
Silence from the legs.
"Can you hear me!?"...' stupid ass sonnova bitch.'
" Shit...don't you dare be stupid-ass dead.'
Slight movement is heard. "Er.. Can you HEAR ME?!"

I reached down and grabbed his leg and asked him if he could feel it. He said yes, so I did the same with the other one. Yay for his dumb assness, he could feel both. Then the guy jackass tried to START THE CAR. I remind you that it is currently upside down and in the f'ing CANAL. Dipshit. I kicked him. Yep, kicked him. I told him that he wasn't going to magically drive away in his car THAT WAS UPSIDE DOWN ON HIM. GAH!!!!

My mom called the police while my dad and I were with "Drinky" in the canal. They showed up and I had to haul his drunk ass out of the canal. Oh! Wanna guess what Dumb ass asked me? He wanted to know what i was doing later! FAIL. He refused to tell the cops that he had his buddies in the car with him. They got to see the case of beer that exploded when it met it's doom in the canal. AND the found a bong that was still warm.

The speed limit is 25mph on the road by my house. He was doing at least 55, according to the cops. He may have over corrected... uh, yeah.

Sorry for taking so long to post...well not really sorry..I don't care.
Playing with music.  Making playlists that don't suck is hard.  I tend to love a particular song until almost obsession then forget i even have it.  ><;; eh.  So now I sit here, playing with itunes and hopefully get something that I actually can make sense of and don't hate in the end.  Also, waiting for a box that I bought today to dry.  It's all painted and purty.  "Yay" for small accomplishments.

I love my bed.

My bed welcomed me last night.  It was beautiful and magical.  I actually teared up at the thought of sleeping in it.  This morning I woke up with a pleasant smile and a good mood.  THE BED IS MAGICAL.  I didn't mind that I had to work and it didn't bother me to go out into the cold.  Bless my bed.  It's fluffy and cozy; comes with  pretty blue kitty, too.  AND it smells like BPAL. Yay!